clock lock works

Music: Hachi
Movie: Task Utsushita
Pappara, without working or resting
Ro Do Ro Do LanLanLa
Repeat of every day
Before I notice it, like a stray cat
About to change places with someone somewhere
Ma No Ma No LanLanLa
No one notices
I diligently chased after the numbers
In the innermost of my heart
A locked door
“Looking a bit foolish” I instructed
I ignored the knock sound
“It will not change”  I gave up on
Hurried by the needle of the clock that loiters
If it were a dream, I would be glad
“Wishing upon a star” with a serious face
Tick-tock A working and foolish-looking soldier
Gattan Gattan LanLanLa
The choice of rejection or adoption, all right done!
Before I notice it, pure black, like trash
About to exchange the morning and night
No Ma No Ma LanLanLa
No one cares
I greedily chased after the numbers
From the other side of the door
A faintly leaking out voice
“Can’t be helped” sitting with a knee drawn to the chest
In the corner of the room, quietly ‘boo’
Anywhere is fine, take me out of here
There is no way anything like a prince will come
“Good evening, Good morning”
On the other side of the door, someone says
“It’s all right, the lock is certainly not open”
“From here it is reaching to you, right?”
I don’t want to hear something like that
I don’t want to hear that No! I don’t want to hear that
Hey, hey, don’t go anywhere
Be by my side, let me hear your story
“Stupid” I lie
Even so, I want to be noticed by someone
It’s cold, I don’t want to touch
No matter how much time lapses, the lock will not be able to be opened
Inside the coffin, Working
I don’t want to say “Well, even so” or anything
The needle goes around forever
I cry at the sound of the gentle knock
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